Always Prepare Yourself For The Worst When Going on The Road

My 89 year old paternal grandfather told me to “always prepare yourself for the worst” before I left my country to move out. This goes a long way and in every aspect of life. When you are about to go out on a drive, anything can go wrong. That is why a lot of elderly ask us to say a small prayer before we go for travels.

The Most Common Obstacle

Especially directed at the people who go out on long drives, driving from one town to another or even further, a flat tire is something you will or can expect to experience very commonly.

This is more probable to happen to those who are either driving an old vehicle or who are driving through a rocky, uneven surfaced area.

The Danger

The problem with the severity of this situation is that when people go out on long drives, they usually take highways that are only taken by people to connect them from one time to another. If a tire runs flat in the middle of the night at such roads, it can be very dangerous.

It is extremely important to understand the gravity of the situation here. An extra spare tire is not going to do everything. You will need to lift the car off the ground high enough and for long enough to change that flat tire.

Pack a Floor Jack

In order to prevent any problems, always keep a floor jack in the trunk of your vehicle. The best floor jacks are available at and the reason why a floor jack is good to carry around is because it can lift really heavy vehicles.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an SUV or a regular car.