Spicing Up The Food

Modern day food would not be where it currently is if we did not have any spices and herbs to add to it. Quite a lot of people do not put a lot of thought in to how they marinate and spice their food, but these people are not great cooks and they do not serve up delicious dishes to their guests. To truly wow an audience with your cooking, you need to go ahead and add a few herbs and spices to whatever you cook and you will taste flavors that you have never had before.

Even with food like steaks, you really need to get the herbs right to get the food to taste good. Many like to use a simple salt and pepper seasoning on their steaks but you can do a lot more than just that to really get a great tasting steak. You have no real reason to not even try either, steaks are not something you have every day and so you can afford to go the extra mile to make sure your dinner is perfectly made.

How you prepare your steak will depend on how you want to make it and which cut you are using. TO have the perfect soft and tender steak piece you need to get a cut that is not from a muscle that a cow uses a lot. Ideally get a tenderloin cut, otherwise known as a fillet mignion, and get to work on that. You can tenderize the steak by covering it in plastic and giving it a good few whacks with a rolling pin to flatten it. Then you can start on marinating of the steak. Now you can try and experiment with flavor and spices for the marination, or you could find more information here about specific spicing for specific dishes.