Tests Offered By iAssess

iAssess is a company which offers different psychometric tests to its clients so theat the clients can used them to not only find candidates best suited for the job but also know their employees’ aptitude and improve the company’s development through different programs. Before we get into the depth of the article, we would like to discuss a bit and tell our readers what psychometric tests are. Psychometric tests are those tests which are used to assess a person’s mental abilities and know about his/her personality. The advantages of these tests are that they give an understanding of an individual which helps in employing a person for a particular job which is suitable for him specifically. If you wish to know more about such tests then please do visit http://www.iassessonline.com/.

We have prepared a list of the tests that are offered by iAssess so without further ado, let us scroll down and learn about them.

Occupational Personality Appraisal (OPA)

It gives reports on the extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness and emotional stability. It should be noted that there is no specific time in which the test can be completed but the estimated time is 5 minutes which makes it quicker than the other tests. There are 4 versions of the test offered; OPA profile, OPA executive, OPA standard and OPA extended.

Adult Cognitive Test (ACT)

This particular test is used to measure a candidate’s different mental abilities to judge his talent though these tests can be used to gather data for leadership and professional development. There are three types of this test which are ACT GR, ACT NR and ACT VR. All measures different things; one measures mental ability in a non-verbal manner, the second one assess numerical problem solving skills and the last one measures verbal reasoning.