What is so Special About The Company That Call Themselves The Leaders in Landscaping in Perth?

Perth is a huge metropolitan city of Western Australia and there are many landscaping companies in the city which means that the competition in the industry is always high. Businesses are always looking for the best landscaping company which would help them boost their popularity by transforming the landscape of their offices. In such a market, there is a company which prides itself on being the leaders in landscaping and the company is called as LD Total. The company was established some 20 years ago and the business boomed so much that they now have three different offices in Perth, Bunbury and Melbourne which is no small feat.

Since landscaping Perth companies are always boasting that each of them is the best, it is understandable that you might feel that LD Total is just another average company which is why we have decided to illuminate you with some of the special features of the company which will persuade you to hire LD Total for all your landscaping needs.

Workers of LD Total

The workers of the company are perhaps the best thing about it. All of the workers are hired after they are tested to check their abilities; whether they have knowledge about the landscape industry, are able to work with landscaping equipment such as compactors, augers, trenching machines, whipper snipper and much more. The workers are all passionate about their job, work well with the whole team as if it is a well-oiled machine and are extremely careful about safe work practices.


LD Total received AS4801 OHS accreditation which shows that the company strictly follows all kinds of safety procedures and systems that are required by the Occupational Safety and Health legislation.